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Do you love making cards? Do you live for making cards? You’re in the right place! In this part of the websphere, it’s all cards, all the time.

LiveLoveCards is a video-centric site designed exclusively for card-makers. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned crafter, LiveLoveCards is full of education and inspiration. It’s the only site where you’ll find almost 600 highly organized videos focused solely on card-making, with more added every week. Videos include:

  • Basic 101’s, including how to design cards, how to blend inks, the basics of Copic markers, and much more.
  • Product reviews, such as ink brand comparisons, marker brand comparisons, and popular tool evaluations.
  • Techniques, and lots of them. Watercolor, masking, ghosting, paper piecing, special folds, pop-ups… the list goes on and on.

At least two new videos are added each week, keeping the site fresh with the latest popular trends, products and techniques. Other content, such as Q&A, text-based posts, and important news are also added regularly. Like LiveLoveCards on Facebook so new content displays in your News feed! Sign-up for email notifications to learn about new content immediately! Want to meet Darlene? See her in this 2017 live chat and also in this 2016 live video chat.

But LiveLoveCards is more than just videos, it’s a community of card lovers. Here are some additional features you will enjoy…

Get even more inspiration from other members! Monthly challenges will kickstart your creative process AND you can win a prize!
View all card video thumbnails, sorted by technique, product used, style, and theme.
Having trouble with a technique or product? Visit the LiveLoveCards Forum to see if someone else has experienced the same issue.
Connect with other members through public profiles and private messaging. Customize your personal card-making profile.
Cast your vote in the poll-of-the-month and see how your answer compares to the rest of the community.
See photos of other member craft spaces and watch progress of my personal craft room from studs-and-concrete to craft-home.
Bookmark all your favorite card videos to easily refer back to later via a thumbnail gallery.
Card ExchangesEXCHANGES
Sign-up for a card exchange group! We have groups for each birthday month and several for Christmas.
Enjoy some special video series on coloring, techniques, and storage.
Just getting started? This section will introduce you to the basics of paper, inks, stamps, and tools.
Donate Your CardsCONTRIBUTE!
Help foster children, homeless children, and homebound adults by donating your cards.
Meet Darlene face-to-face in live chats, answering your card-making questions!

Hear what current members are saying about their membership…

Dear potential member to Live-Love-Cards: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? I spend a lot of money on my paper crafting and BY FAR the money you will (I) spend on an annual membership to LLC is SOOOO worth it. These are videos that I savor…and watch over and over. These are videos (and written notes) with tips that have changed the way I craft (for the better….of course!) Darlene covers every detail when she makes a card. She shows amazing techniques (attaching the card to the stencil instead of attaching the stencil to the craft mat…GENIUS!). She shows how to fix flubs – which I REALLY appreciate! You will lean a ton of stuff…get all sorts of creative ideas….and have a lot of fun.
– Amy from San Jose, CA
  I have been a member of LiveLoveCards since it started 7mo ago and let me tell you….I am completely blown away by all the inspiration I get from Darlene! I had been following her since before LLC started and have always loved her cards, ESPECIALLY her pop-up cards. The tips and techniques she shares in her tutorials and blog are invaluable. Not to mention, I get to be a part of the card making community and share my own projects. They are supportive, and encouraging….the nicest people you can hope to meet. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of her site. Totally worth the $$$!
– Cat from Colorado Springs, CO
  Joining LiveLoveCards was the best thing I ever did for my crafting Mojo. I get SO many ideas from Darlene! This membership has cost me less than a magazine subscription and I haven’t gotten this many ideas or technique videos from ANY magazine ever. Well worth every penny and then some!
– Sheri S. from Grapevine, TX
  Joining Live Love Cards has taught me so much about card making; from Copic coloring, water coloring, using vellum, stenciling, etc. Once or twice a week there is an email from LiveLoveCards informing me that there is a new video to view. I watch every one because there is always one tidbit (or more) that I learn from each video I watch. I enjoy the challenges every month and love seeing what other members are creating. Just the volume of information available on the site is worth the price of joining LiveLoveCards. I pay up to $30 for an online class that teaches several new techniques. By joining Live Love Cards at $27 I get a variety of approximately 52 items (and weeks) of inspiration, learning and sharing. The site is very user friendly and very organized. And if you are on the fence about joining – try it for a month ($2.50 is worth a shot). And I didn’t mention that LiveLoveCards is really about a community of like minded card makers.
– Anne S. from Bristol, PA
  With the Canadian dollar in the tank, I have had to either cancel or just not re-new most of my USA groups that require a paid subscription. This is the only one I have kept, and just re-newed, simply because it is the best “bang for my buck” . Plus, I love Darlene’s video’s especially when she makes a mistake LOL I see that and all I can think is: “Yep, I have done that.. many times !!”
Thank you for all the cool, fun tutorials and videos.
Carole T. from Alberta, Canada
  I have never paid to get ideas from a site but Live Love Cards is so worth the money! I have watched Darlene’s videos for years on YouTube but the amount of ideas and help you can receive in the forum on this site from Darlene, as well as other crafters is amazing…all for $2.50 a month! I have access to all of her videos whenever I want, there are lots of give-a-ways, polling questions and product reviews! If you don’t see something, just ask…Darlene will try to include it on her site!
– Carol M. from Nova Scotia, Canada
  I love livelovecards.com. I am always learning something new even though I have been a Stampin’ Up demo for 5 years.
– Diane from Almunecar, Andalusia
  I signed up for a membership at Live Love Cards, because I had enjoyed Darlene’s blog and videos very much. Initially, I wondered whether I should spend money for this membership, but decided to try it out for a year…..after all, I subscribe to magazines that aren’t as useful to me as Darlene’s videos, so I just dropped one magazine subscription to balance out my cost. I LOVE this site, and have absolutely no regrets about having paid for a membership! First of all, I find Darlene’s videos very easy to hear and to watch, and I’ve had no technical difficulties at all. Next, I find Darlene’s videos to contain a really great mix of artistic inspiration and ideas, as well as lots of really useful technical information, whether about the crafting products or how to use them. This is information of value to me, whether in helping me decide how best to spend my crafting dollars, or in helping me learn a technique and get reliable results. I’m really impressed that Darlene manages to respond to questions so promptly, and I appreciate her attention to this site. I also enjoy being able to read other crafters’ questions and the replies from Darlene and from other crafters…..this ends up being a great resource for all of us, in finding helpful tips. I find the Live Love Cards website easy to navigate, and it contains a nice variety of interesting things, from Darlene’s card ideas, to technique tutorials, product reviews, surveys, members’ content posted through the monthly challenges, etc. Although I follow other crafting blogs, and enjoy many of them, I would rank Darlene’s as a “must follow”. I absolutely recommend that anyone try it out, and I will most definitely be renewing my membership!
Lesley from Toronto, Canada
  It is safe to say that I love your site. The price is so affordable and you get so much included. If you want to learn something special you just need to ask. All the comparisons you do and your opinions on different products is just great. Another plus is that you are not selling products so there is no push to promote all these supplies so that you make a profit. You give tons of ideas and all the videos and cards are in the gallery to refer back too. The other part I enjoy is the forum. Conversations just start flying with one question being asked. It’s like a brainstorming event lol. I would recommend your site to anyone that is interested in card making. I know that I will continue to be a member especially with this affordable price. There is not one negative thing I can think of. You continue to blow my mind with your ideas and techniques. As a beginner I have learned so much about the supplies and tools that are available. Plus what is best to have and what is not really worth spending money on. Please continue with LiveLoveCards!!
– Anita from CT
  Well I think the membership sells itself as all I had to do is watch endless hours of video to figure out that Darlene is my “go to” for card making. If only everyone could have the talent she has to make a video. Her videos are right to the point and very professional. I’ve watched so many people and I do have other favorites but Darlene is my top of the list.
My girlfriend joined a group for card making kits and I thought I’d do that but then I got to thinking who’s cards do I like the best and here I am. I decided to put my money on Darlene.
– Anna from Anderson, SC
  I love Live Love Cards. It is an amazing learning tool for both new and established card makers. That is because it is mostly technique based, so not only do you learn how to make a new card, you learn how to use the products you have accumulated over the years in many different ways. That makes it much more useful to everyone, especially me as I am always looking for new techniques. There is also forums, places where you can catch up with like minded people and if you are ever stuck it is really easy to ask a question and get a very quick answer. All I can say is come and play with us and enjoy learning new ways to use all that product you have in your craft room….I have. Darlene, I wanted people to know it is not a place that is about buying product, which most places are, so thank you very much for being who you are and making such a great website, I love it and look forward to every post.
– Jo from Australia
  Live Love Cards is a great community for any crafter-experienced or new. I truly believe that there are always things to learn and being a part of this community is valuable because Darlene uses new and old techniques in her videos twice a week. The forum is also helpful where you can find related questions or ask new ones. The members are all very friendly and interactive. I have found that you see these same members on other blogs and YouTube-so it’s great for relationship building. We encourage and inspire each other through monthly challenges and polling questions help us learn more about what others are doing. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can have such a valuable resource at your fingertips…and the info is always there when you’re a member. I LOVE LIVELOVECARDS!
– Caly from Lee’s Summit, MO
  Whether you are new to card making or have been creating cards for years, the Live Love Cards membership was one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. As soon as I found out Darlene was starting her own members website I knew I had to be part of it. I joined the reasonably priced yearly membership without hesitation, largely because I had watched and enjoyed her You Tube videos for a couple years. Darlene’s videos really get the creative juices flowing. Her step by step guidance is so helpful, and she provides innovative designs and ideas that rival any card maker I’ve seen. Live Love Cards is a community of folks who are passionate about the craft and I really feel like part of a family. I have been so pleased with my membership, and have learned many new techniques, information about products and answers to my questions. The website is easy to navigate and there is a wealth of information available, including a forum to interact with other members. I absolutely love it!
– Shawn from Penfield, NY
  Before joining LiveLoveCards, I got my inspiration mainly from making cards with friends and in Stampin’ Up classes or from watching YouTube videos. This especially helped when I first got started. But being a member of LiveLoveCards means I now have an entire community of like-minded card makers who can offer support and keep me abreast of what’s happening. And most importantly, Darlene is there to give us such inspiring video demonstrations and current information about new and existing products and techniques. I’m surprised how she can come up with so many unique videos on such a regular basis. It’s amazing. There’s always something interesting happening at LiveLoveCards. So it never gets boring or ho-hum! It is essential for me to be a member and I am sure that many other serious card makers in the LiveLoveCards community feel the same way.
– Connie from Australia
  I’m happy to give testimony to how much I love my membership & the continuing ability to access your videos. I’ve been following you since before you started this website (on YouTube), and just about always copy & print your cards to use as inspiration. Even though I follow several card artists, I happily pay the nominal fee to continue watching your videos. They’re that good!
– Elyse from Modesto, CA
  I love LiveLoveCards! The price was very reasonable to join. Darlene makes the best videos…no music intro (I really appreciate that) just right to the tutorial. She uses stamps/dies from many companies so you get ideas as to how to use their products. She also lets us know when there are particularly good sales going on with various companies. Darlene’s tutorials have given me the courage to try new techniques (especially watercoloring) that I otherwise wouldn’t have tried.
– Peg from Kalamazoo, MI
  I love everything about LiveLoveCards. Once I found you, I watched every video you made. The thing I love is you always have a video and I have learned so many techniques from you. I appreciate all of the time you spend creating the videos and I certainly think the subscription price is a small price to pay. I have saved lots of money on supplies just by watching your comparisons and only purchasing what works. I also love the forums and I use the gallery all of the time when I want to try to remember a technique that you used. I also really love your personal touch.
– Patty from Folsom, CA
  Your videos, I think, are THE best out there, really. You don’t amble, you are organized, you provide all of the information that we need to understand your techniques, how to make not only your card(s) but how we can use the lesson in one of our own creations. I also look forward to the Q&A section from other members.
– Sylvia from San Diego, CA
  Darlene is one of my favorite on line card makers. Simple yet elegant or child friendly fun, her cards are top notch. I love that the video is a tutorial for not only the card being made, but you can apply her techniques to other things and she makes suggestions for making use of what you have. There are guest artists and that just adds to the fun. I jumped at the opportunity to join this online site and it really is a lot of bang for the money. I am not the most tech savvy person and Darlene has been there to answer any questions and will do whatever to make things happen. It continues to be a lot of fun and I look forward to the posts.
– Doris Cote from Bergen County, NJ
  I’ve been a fan and follower of your blog for many years now, you are so talented and creative and you always give honest and informed opinions about all kinds of stamping products to help us enjoy this craft even more. Although there are a lot of other sites and blogs that offer video tutorials, yours is really better, you take us along while you make your cards from start to finish and even shows us that little mishaps happen and how to fix them.
– Maria from Indiana
  First I like to give a huge “Thank You” to Darlene for giving us so much inspiration and ideas with her LiveLoveCards program. I followed her blog for a while and loved it. I was unsure if I should sign up for the new “LiveLoveCards” … BUT I am so glad I did! I teach classes in Card-Making, Page-Design and other paper craft items and I know how much time and effort goes into designing and preparing these classes. This been said, I decided to join the LiveLoveCards family and support Darlene in her effort to show us wonderful new techniques, design ideas and so much more.
I love the videos she does which go along with each card. I love the product reviews and the comparisons and I love the techniques she shows ….Simply said…..I Live …to Love…Cards… Check out Darlene’s blog and see for yourself the cards she made over the past years and I am sure you will sign up too. It is worth every penny…..I love it!!! Thanks again Darlene and I am looking forward to more inspiration to come.
– Claudia Henderson from Fenton, MI
  I’ve long been a fan of Darlene’s work and was so excited when she put together her new LiveLoveCards web site. Her tutorials are among the best out there. She’s great at the “how tos” of card making and I learn something new every time. Her creations are lovely. I look forward to each and every post.
– Diana W. from Galva, IL
  I am pleased to have the opportunity to express how much I LOVE LiveLoveCards. I have learned so much! I have tried water coloring for the first time. I have used Copic Markers for the first time and really love them. I always say that I flunked glueing in kindergarten and have been very intimidated from trying anything “artistic”. So not only have I been learning and trying new techniques but also gaining confidence is what I have been trying. I can’t say “thanks Darlene” enough for all the ideas I have learned and inspiration I have received.
– Beth K. from South Bend, IN
  I like to hear Darlene talking to me. It’s just the two of us while I have my morning coffee break. She uses basic supplies in creative ways that I would have done myself had I been blessed with a creative brain like hers. She inspires me to get up and get going on a new project.
– Janet from Hacienda Heights, CA
  I have enjoyed Darlene’s card videos since I first stumbled onto them when looking for information on Copic markers. She has a very well organized format that makes watching her videos interesting, informative, and entertaining. I appreciate that she demonstrates different levels of complexity and introduces new products and techniques as well as brings out old favorites. I also like her unbiased approach when comparing products. Her web site is an excellent source of information and creativity for card making enthusiasts.
– Becka from Alabama
  I love being a member of Live, Love, Cards. I look forward to new videos each week. I am able to stay current with new products, techniques, and even how to use older products in a different way. I recently won a card-making contest at a retreat by being inspired by your use of background color. My friend told me that I have stepped up my game with card-making. I owe it all to you. Thanks.
– Patricia from Statesville, NC
  I’ve been a member of LiveLoveCards for about 5 months and I love it. Darlene always has great ideas that I can’t wait to try. Some of them are new products or techniques and some are a new spin on a previous technique. I can’t wait to see what she does next that almost always inspires me.
– Marty from Bedford, TX
  I have been following your blog for 2-3 years now, and I find every card you make is awesome! Your videos are well done, clear and not too long. Continue the great work!
Nicole from Manitoba, Canada
  Join us for tons of card making inspiration, clear instructions and the best tutorial videos ever!
– Anita C. from Australia
  As I had been following and enjoying Darlene’s blog for some time I signed up for Live Love Cards as soon as she announced her new venture. I love her attention to detail and also the way she presents her tutorial. It feels like a friend explaining over a cup of tea how they made something rather than an On Line presentation. I have been stamping and paper-crafting for about 25 years but find something of interest in every one of Darlene’s classes. If it is not a new (to me) technique it may be a color combination I had not previously considered or a stamp set I had not yet seen – and always beautifully done. I would recommend her tutorials for beginner stampers, experienced stampers and everyone in between.
– Kate from Raymond Island, East Gippsland, Australia

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I hope you will consider joining our fun and inspirational community. You’ll be glad you did! 🙂

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