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Do you make more or less cards over the summer?


How would you describe your card making ability?


Do you make Easter cards?


Do you have a dedicated crafting space?


Do you work?




How often do you work on cards?


What other crafting do you do outside of card making? (Check all that apply)


What would you recommend as a first watercolor medium for beginners?


I am a...

August Poll

When do you start making Christmas cards?

July Poll

How has your Stampin' Up! purchasing habits changed in the last year?

June Poll

Do you use digital stamps (images you print and color)?

May Poll

What do you think about the use of retired or discontinued products on LiveLoveCards (Stampin' Up! or otherwise)?

April Poll

What are you thoughts on LiveLoveCards guest designers?    (Note:  Guest designer posts are additional content and do not replace content by Darlene)

March Poll

What do you think about the new Distress Oxide inks?

February Poll

What percentage of your cards use patterned paper?

January Poll

Where do you do most of your craft shopping?



December Poll

What do you like to listen to while making cards?

November Poll

How many holiday cards are you making this year?

October Poll

When you begin a new card, you...

September Poll

Who do you make most of your cards for? (Check all the apply)

August Poll

Would you participate in a community card-care program, where your mailing address would be visible on the site to members only?    This program would involve sending cards to members for birthdays, holidays, and in times of need.

July Poll

When do you do most of your crafting?

June Poll

What is your favorite brand of stamps?

May Poll

What is the best way to choose the Challenge winners?

April Poll

What do you think about the amount of easy vs. advanced cards I make?

March Poll

How much do you spend monthly on crafting supplies?

February Poll

How much time do you spend on a typical card?



December Poll

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How old are you?

November Poll

How often do you scrapbook?

October Poll

Which of these coloring tools do you have?Check all that apply!

September Poll

How many cards do you typically make per week?

August Poll

What is your favorite brand of dye ink?

June Poll

This poll is tricky because I had to guess which countries are represented. Since I have no idea where everyone is from, please email me if you don’t see your country.

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What country do you reside in?

May Poll

What do you typically use to watercolor?

April Poll

How many years have you been making cards?

March Poll

What is your preference for using Stampin' Up! products in card videos?

February Poll

What are your product preferences for card videos?


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