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The video is slow or choppy.
The sound is too low.
I’m not receiving email notifications when a post is made.
I check “remember me”, but I still have to login periodically.
How do I add a photo to my account or change the photo associated with my account?

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The video is slow or choppy, or the audio is breaking up.

Check to see if the video is playing in HD (High Definition) or SD (Standard Definition). Look at the bottom bar of the video players. You will see an “HD” icon. If the icon is blue, you are playing in HD. If your bandwidth does not support this video quality, you may experience problems with the video and/or audio. Switch to SD by clicking the icon. The HD will turn gray, and you will be playing the video in SD. With my recently updated video settings, SD should still play with excellent quality.

If you’re curious about your bandwidth, Speedtest.com will test your speed. I love this tool.

Another thing to check is your browser version. If you haven’t updated your browser in awhile, there is a chance it is no longer supported, or it doesn’t take advantage of the latest video decoding processes. It’s always a good idea to keep your browser updated so that you get all the latest security patches. BrowseHappy is a good site for upgrading.

Still another thing to check is your Adobe Flash Player, which is a special “add-on” to your browser. This add-on must be downloaded separately for each browser, i.e Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome. If your version is outdated, you may experience issues. To check your Flash version, visit the Adobe Help Page. Under #1, click “Check now”. The Web page will tell you your current version and whether you need to install a new one. Follow the online instructions.

If you are still having issues, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Close all other tabs in your browser. Sometimes a tab can be hung up on another Web site, affecting all your tabs.
  • Play the video in another browser. If it works better, you may need to upgrade the browser experiencing the issues.
  • Close down your browser, reopen it, and try again. Sometimes a process will be running in the background that is affecting your connection. Shutting your browser will halt that process.
  • Reboot your computer or device. If you’re on a Windows PC, Windows can start acting extremely slow if it needs to perform an update. Rebooting your computer will initate the update.

The sound is too low.

There are several places to adjust volume:

  1. On the video player. Just to the right of the video bar inside the player window, you’ll see 5 short blue vertical bars. These bars represent the volume coming out of the player. You can maximize the volume by clicking on the 5th bar.
  2. On your computer/device. The location of this setting will vary depending on your device. For Windows PC’s, there is an icon at the very bottom right of your computer that looks like a siren. Clicking this icon will allow you to adjust the volume.
  3. On your speakers. If you have external speakers, there will be a volume button on them. External speakers are speakers that exist outside your computer. If you’re not sure if you have them, you probably don’t.
  4. If you have an external monitor, sometimes the monitor will also have a volume control. Check the bottom and the back for a button.

I’m not receiving email notifications when a post is made.

You are not automatically signed-up to receive notifications when you register. To sign-up, submit your email address into the “Email Signup!” section in the right margin. To unsubscribe, click the unsubscribe link in any email you receive.

If you think you are already signed up, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check your Spam and Junk folders. Depending on what level of security you have setup in your mail program, it may automatically send the emails here. If you find the emails, right click on one of them and select the option that will not treat these emails as junk/spam.
  • Most email programs will allow you to maintain a “safe senders” list. Find this list in your program and add “darlene@livelovecards.com”.
  • If you are downloading your mail to a computer or device from a POP server, such as Yahoo! or Gmail, you may have a spam filter set at the server level. I know that sounds a little technical, but just like you have a spam filter on your computer, Yahoo! and Google have spam filters. They may be placing emails into a spam folder before sending them to your device or computer. As a result, you never see these emails. The only way to fix this is to login to your mail host directly through a browser. For example, mail.yahoo.com or gmail.com. Once logged in, you can check this server spam folder and change your settings to allow the LiveLoveCards emails to go through.

I check “remember me”, but I still have to login periodically.

The Remember Me checkbox should work for several months. If you’re having to login more often, then it might be a setting in the browser you are using.

How do I add a photo to my account or change the photo associated with my account?

LiveLoveCards uses an industry standard called a Gravatar (“Globally Recognized Avatar”). It’s an avatar that you setup one-time and associate with your email address. When you use that email address on a site that links to Gravatar (there are lots that do), the photo you setup is used. You can have a different Gravatar for each email address you own.

You can setup or change your Gravatar HERE.

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